Our platform that you can visit without registration offers a wide variety of free top online casino games that Internet users can enjoy without downloading or registering to train or have fun. Each of these entertainment options has a specific function, and we invite you to discover them here and play them without registration. Do you have any questions or concerns you are looking for answers to? 

Slot Machine

This is the preferred option of almost all bettors, as it works in a basic way. The principle for winning this type of mobile casino game consists of aligning a number of identical icons. There are several types of slot machines, including the classic no-frills and modern productions that incorporate wonderful graphics and features such as a joker, bonus games on the second screen and free spins, multipliers, etc. In the category of modern titles are the free casino games of progressive slots with ever-increasing jackpots that sometimes reach several million euros.

slot machines


This free online table casino game is very popular among gamblers because of its simplicity and the fact that it awards interesting prizes. There are two main variants of roulette, European and American, and you can try them all in demo mode right here on this site. The casino games offered for free here at CasinoGamesOnline.com are available without registration and no download required and have been designed by leading industry brands including Realtime Gaming, Betsoft, Rival and Net Entertainment.


This card game is one of the best casino games, which is why we have a wide range of cards for those who wish to play it for entertainment or practice. The goal in blackjack is to get the closest score to 21 with your cards while doing better than the dealer. This is a very exciting entertainment option and can be very lucrative when you try your luck on multiple hand variations. Several developers have designed blackjack titles with some very interesting features that spice up the gameplay a bit. Discover them on our page dedicated to this kind of free French casino games.

Video Poker

Another very interesting card casino game, video poker has a growing popularity among online betting enthusiasts. For this entertainment option that is among the best casino games, you don’t need to fear an opponent’s strategy because there is none. In order to receive payouts in video poker, you need to get a winning hand. There are several variants of video poker, and on some of them, the developers offer special features such as a joker to help form a winning hand easily. There is also a mini quits and doubles game to help collect the payouts.


Dice, Cards and Chips

If there is one entertainment option that is sure to be offered at online casinos, it is poker. It is the most popular card game all over the world. The poker titles offered by casinos accepting French players are not circle casino games since the user plays against a virtual intelligence. This kind of casino game is ideal for those who wish to win money without having to face fearsome players nicknamed “Shark”.


Baccarat is also a table game that is certainly less popular than poker or blackjack, but it is nonetheless uninteresting. If you’ve never played it before, then you should know that its rules are very easy to understand and that the object of this free online casino title is to bet on a win, a dealer’s win or a tie. The most popular and best-known variations of baccarat are Railroad and Punto banco, and we offer them in Flash version here on our platform. So you won’t need to download any software before you start playing.


It comes from the United States of America and is played with two six-sided dice. It is the total points of the dice and the particular patterns such as craps, hard ways, 7 and 11 that pay off for this title. Even if it doesn’t look like it, craps is easy to play and you can win a lot of money. To learn how to play and practice, click on the menu button, then click on “Free Games” and choose “Craps” from the drop-down list. On the page that will appear we offer an interesting option which is a creation of the prestigious online casino software developer Betsoft. You will be able to enjoy online casino games in instant mode without the need to download.


When it is played in land-based halls, the numbers drawn in bingo are announced so that the players write them down on cards provided for that purpose. The player who is the first to get the exact pattern on one of the cards spells “bingo! “to indicate that he or she has won. Online bingo works somewhat differently. We’ll tell you all about it on our bingo page where you’ll also find some interesting online variations that are 


Keno is also a lottery game that, like online bingo, is played by numbers. In order to win, you have to pick numbers and hope they are drawn. There are several variations of this casino game title, but they all use the same operating principle. Some very interesting Keno titles are available on our page. Play these casino games for practice or for entertainment.



This is a very popular card game that is played solo as the name suggests. It calls for a number of qualities in the player, including patience and observation skills. Solitaire has always been offered free of charge on computers and more recently in online casinos. If you are interested in this free online game, this is your chance to win money. We also offer great solitaire titles on our site for your enjoyment.

Scratch cards

The lottery was one of the first and most popular cash casino games, and the developers decided to allow players to continue playing it through scratch cards. Scratch cards work with an RNG and instantly pay out winnings. The system of physically scratching a card has been replaced by a virtual mechanism that generates icons that the player must click on to try to discover identical items.

Sic Bo

Sic bo is one of the free casino games that is played with dice and is not very well known in France and some other countries where betting activities are very popular. However, it is a very entertaining and obviously lucrative option. In our section dedicated to Sic bo casino games, we tell you everything you need to know about this game and offer you bonuses at our top online casinos to play it. Take a look around.

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