It is possible to beat the casino, but it depends not on your skills and knowledge, but mostly on your luck. Even games such as blackjack, which are partly skill games, do not give an advantage over casinos. The card account can help, but in online casinos it is not relevant.

Gambling works for an institution, and here the confrontation is not a single player against the casino, and all players against the operator. And if in general the operator always wins, the gambling can bring profit for specific players. After all, there are those players who win huge jackpots, in tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. It is believed that after major winnings players stop playing or play more carefully. So, those who won big and stopped at that, actually beat the casino.

How to win at a casino?

It can’t be simpler. Just choose any casino game, place your bets and wait until you win. This waiting will bring you results sooner or later, but it may not be the same as you expected.

Can I win at the casino? It’s easy. Can I beat the casino? It’s real, but the chances are not on your side. After all, winning means staying in the winnings. And despite the fact that in all games at the institution advantage, players are more likely to lose than come out winners. And the longer to play, the closer the actual advantage of the casino is approached to the theoretical.

How to beat the casino using bonuses?

You can beat online casinos by using bonuses. This is what the bonus hunters use. Individual actions give a theoretical advantage. But you should not expect miracles and big, easy money. The benefit can manifest itself in a long period of time. To determine the right bonuses for them, the headhunter bonus uses the following formula:

100% – Wager* Casino Advantage

100% means the full amount of the bonus received; where a Wager is the number of times the bonus amount must be set; and the casino advantage refers to the specific game you are going to play.

Please note that games that give 100% of the wagering amount are usually slot machines. As a result, if a positive result is obtained, in theory you will benefit from taking and wagering this bonus. That is, you have a chance to beat the online casino.

Let’s say you took a bonus with a 35x vager, you’re going to win back on the slot with a casino advantage of 2.5%. We put the data in the formula, it turns out 100% – 35 x 2.5% = 12.5%. This result means that in theory you will beat the casino with a 12.5% bonus if you take this bonus. Do not forget, in practice it will not necessarily be the same as in theory. But if you repeat the actions many times, the actual results should be close to theoretical.

In which casino games is it easier to win?

Different games give different advantages to the operator. The less this advantage, the more chances you have to win in the casino. So if your goal is to beat the institution, always pay attention to what you are playing.

  • Blackjack. Usually Blackjack comes first, because with certain actions you can reduce the advantage of the institution to 0.5%. And this is almost a game on equal terms. For this purpose it is only necessary to follow the basic strategy strictly. No reflections and nothing complicated. This strategy is clearly spelled out, it has answers to all possible situations, so you do not need to make up anything. You just follow the instructions, that’s all. All the more so because the basic strategy can be found in a simple and clear table.
  • Baccarat. This is another game where you can reduce the operator’s advantage to a minimum value. You can achieve this by making the right choice. And the choice is very simple – you have to bet on the banker. The fact is that the chances of winning bets on the banker, the player and a draw are different – 1.06%, 1.24% and 14.4%, respectively. However, keep in mind that with each win from the bet on the banker, the institution takes 5% commission. For more information on how to win baccarat, read here.
  • Craps also gives relatively good chances to win in the casino. The game looks pretty tricky, but it’s not hard to figure out. The game offers a variety of bets with different advantages of the institution.
  • French Roulette is not a bad option, given that the casino advantage in this game is 1.35%. However, this figure is valid only for bets on equal chances. For other bets, the advantage doubles.

Based on what we discussed above, it is clear that only the game is important, but also what bets you make. It will depend on this, with what chances you are trying to beat the online casino.

Slots are usually the last thing recommended to players, but some of them may also offer quite a high return rate. The most profitable slot machines refund for 99%. But such slots are few, mainly the value varies between 94-97%. You can go to our free slots page and in the right menu set the RTP (Rate of Return) filter to 98-99.9%.

Is it realistic to win at the casino?

Winning is always real, and even big winnings are real too. It’s just that the larger the amount you target, the less chance you have of winning. Another problem is that just winning money is not enough, you have to hold on to it and withdraw it. To keep it in the plan is not to spend it.

There can be problems with the conclusions if you either broke the rules of the casino or chose a bad operator. There are many gaming sites that go to different tricks to justify the refusal to pay. But you can try to make a complaint and get your money back. Read more about it here.

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